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London: 6-8th October 2014 (FULLY BOOKED)
  London: 1st-3rd December
  London: 12th-15th January 2015

   Private courses are always available.
                        -Please note that places fill up very quickly

Medi Hair Extensions Courses

Rosa, creative director of Trichoalopecia solutions, invented the first best human, hair extension system known today as ”Medi-extensions” a system that is responsible for many of the fabulous extensions worn today by many well known celebrities and hair loss sufferers. where the main concern is to avoid hair loss while your hair is growing.

Thankfully Rosa, a world expert in hair extensions, has been helping woman to add body, length and colour for the past 15 years with her tailored created medi-extension system.

At T.A.S we are very proud to have Yolanda as part of our team; Yolanda is a London leading hair extensionist with many years of experience on the field, Yolanda is highly specialised to apply our unique develop “Medi-extensions”and she plays a important role in at our hair loss department,as she proudly says of the system she works with ( medi-hair extensions are not to be confused with normal extensions which are thick and off the shelf color )

We were one of the very few leaders in hair extension technology who did apply our own 100% human virgin remy hair which is still the best in the market, all of our hair is harvested by our director travelling to the country of origin where she only selects the exquisite ones.

Our primary concern of our medi- extensions was the safety and condition of your own hair, with them you will get your dream hair without compromise your existing hair who intermingle with the tiniest medi ,confort points, hair connections available in the world.

World leaders in our unique medi connect extensions.•The medi-extensions technique involves attaching extra hair with our special micro confort points connexions.

•The microconfort point does not damage your hair allowing it to grown as usual,even more we use 3 times less conexions points than any other hair extension in the world.
•Around 3 lines of hairs line can vastly improve the apperarance of fine hair in just 45 minutes
•The size of each extension can be customized allowing the tiniest extensions to be added to fine hair, making them undetectable to the eye even in highly exposed areas.
•After the first consultation you will design the extension and color, hair is expertly blended to get a exact match and to customize you color creating a truly bespoke natural look.
•The medi-extensions should be re-attached every 3 months, you can reuse your hair.

Course: 2 days. Price £ 2,000 in London
Outside London: please email for quotation: