During our 3 Mega-Intensive day Wigmaking course, we will show you all the wig making secrets you need and want to know. We know that Sheitel wigs need special attention to detail and have to be made with Kosher hair, extremely realistic partics and thei hair quality has to be more than exceptional.  

In our course, we will show you how to achieve the perfect Sheitel cap, base and foundation, and where to source the beautiful Kosher hair, which is found in Russia and Europe. We will provide you with a list of specialist hair suppliers that hold the Kashrut certificate.

You will be able to make your own Sheitel in the course and will be able to start your own business production from day one!! We will provide you with all the materials that you will need, including Kosher hair and a list of all the best factories in the world, that manufacture the products for a 13th of what you are paying!

Stop paying thousands of pounds for your Sheitels when you will be able to make them yourself for a small fraction of what you spend of buying them, create your own high quality Sheitel.

FOR EXAMPLE. The average lady, from the age of 20-70 will spend anything between 40,000 and 150,000 dollars on Sheitels. Just from providing your own Sheitels for yourself and even your beloved ones will save you thousands!! Thousands that could be spend on buying a new home and many other things. All you need to do to start this amazing business is to invest in your own education, and this is one of the few most rewarding businesses that you can start from home!!!

If you can not enrol in our general weekend courses, we offer private tuition also for this course in the UK and Worldwide.

This course is very similar to the 4 day full lace wig and hair replacement course, but Rosa will focus more on the main area of Sheitels (with Kosher hair), in both general and private courses.

For the contents of the course, please read our course syllabus. You will have to learn all about wigwaking since it is the fundamental aspect of making Sheitels and is very necessary in Sheitel maintenance and reparing too.

PRICE: £ 2,500
PRIVATE COURSE IN LONDON:  Please go to Enrolment/prices



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London: 6-8th October 2014 (FULLY BOOKED)
  London: 1st-3rd December
  London: 12th-15th January 2015

   Private courses are always available.
                        -Please note that places fill up very quickly

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Start  your most profitable business from the comfort of your own home in your spare time.
In this exclusive course all the secrets will be revealed.
You will be able to be the best shaitel master in your community
All our photos are original to us
Look what  Rachel did create !!you will be able to do it  too! beautiful fringes and sides to place it under your hat, for when you only want to look good in seconds behind your  parkhurst or headscarf. With your new wig knowledge the limit will be ONLY in your imagination. 
A few years ago old sheitels were done like this one, no wefts , all done hair by hair in monoskin....... a real treasure !!!! some ladies still order them because the whole cap resembles your own  scalp rather than just the top. When the wind blow you will never see wefts!
Mr. Alan, lifting
the top of a sheitel to repair it
Students came from all over the world, to learn how to make their own shaytels and why not? to start their own production. One of the few jobs you could do entirely from HOME.
Rosa,s sheitel, before being stylish
oH ,oH !! Disecction a shaytl silk top, so primitive wig , yet so complicated for the top part.
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Changing the silk part , you can do it yourself or pay abroad only 50 dollars !! we show you HOW in both ways, without having to travel to China or Korea !!
Our 2 students have done by now almost a quoter of the silk top, How exciting, they are not knotts on sight !! and once done it is not that difficult either !
Our 2 students starting to produce the silk part.
OH !! she has a wedding and want to add highlights only for the important day , how easy to add and remove then without alter your Shaytl or damage with dyes or chemicals.
Change your Sheitel color or add more volume without damage and next day come back to normal !