Next general Lace Wig & Hair  Replacement Course

London: 6-8th October 2014 (FULLY BOOKED)
  London: 1st-3rd December
  London: 12th-15th January 2015

   Private courses are always available.
                        -Please note that places fill up very quickly


Get to know one of the best kept secrets, and hugely rewarding skills in the world. Become a wigmaker with this ‘hands on’ course, which is 90% practical, full of technical skills and experience.

You will be working with the latest state of the art materials and lace, which is used in wig making. Wigs that you could even sell, from £1,200 to £7,000. NO secrets or information are kept from you in this course, everything you want or need to know will be disclosed to you, in a small private class containing just a few pupils. You will also learn the secrets of the trade, suppliers, how to get all your orders right, marketing and business planning.

As part of this course, we provide:
*Your own SMART kit, which is valued at £350. This includes a lace cap, 150 grams of the best quality Remy hair, needle, holder, canvas head, drawing matt, template materials, training hair, parting patterns, a booklet, and much more.

*More than 170 pages of booklets/hands outs

*A chance to retake the course again if you feel it is necessary on the same year.

*Phone/email support for your business at any time, for one whole year.

* Your certificate !

-Health and safety
- Types of hair and where & how they are collected in the world. How you can buy this hair in Asia/Brazil/Europe from hair re-collectors. And why pure human hair will be difficult to get hold of in the next few years. (list of suppliers)
-How to tell the difference between Remy/cuticle hair and non Remy hair.
-How to prepare hair from raw bundles, to single or double drawn.
-Hair preparation, hair blending, percentages and how to achieve natural highlights
-Latest chemicals used for detangling hair
-Different foundations of the lace wig cap, construction, mixing materials for ANY hair system (according to your clients coverage and lifestyle needs)
-Matching the lace to skin colour, for: invisibility& texture, as well as volume and colour of the hair.
-Measurements for the mould of the head & tape. How to make a perfect cast for the exact copy of a person’s front line. (None of the wigs you find on the internet, offers you an exact copy of your own front line, having this ensures that the wig sets up in the right place)
-Ventilating the foundation, single, double, adding baby hairs and under knots.
-How to achieve the different partings, understanding and keeping in mind the direction of hair.
-Pre-designing and starting to knot your own lace wig.
-Converting any wig into a front lace wig
-Cleaning a lace wig, secrets of a professional
-Repairing a lace wig.
-How to bleach the knots, invisible knots.
-All the points you will need for a consultation with your client/pre-design consultation form.
-Aftercare advice to all your clients
-How to make wefts !
-Any extra knowledge that you feel you may need for your own business set up
-Practical Assessment

-Launching your business, how to get cheaper labour overseas
-Film theatre, hair replacement, Chemotherapy and other, your own personal plan
-Recommended suppliers list for hair, wig making suppliers, and wigs.
-How to order from the suppliers so you don’t go wrong.
-Calculating the profits and expenses on your business
-Common mistakes
-Marketing your business
-Practical assessment.

*The length of the course is 4 days (8 hours a day) with a total of 32 hours.

    We also provide tailor made courses, private courses & one to one courses all year round.


YOU TO TAKE HOME !! worth £300
Repairing a lace woman 3/4 hair system; hair by hair
....and the reverse, a perfect fitable mono wig with 100% Russian hairs
The project,clients mould and the perfect result
Frontal lace in a actor
Lace frontal over an actor hair line.